Order Lasix (Furosemide): Side Effects, Interactions

Furosemide is a loop, strong and fast diuretic with a short duration of action on the body.

The given medicine is given both in tablets in packs of 50 pieces, and in ampoules of 5, 10, 25 pieces in a package.

Usually, Furosemide is prescribed as a treatment for congestive heart failure due to heart failure, hypertension in patients with cirrhosis of the liver, chronic and acute form of kidney failure, cerebral edema and lung, eclampsia, barbiturate poisoning, hypertensive crises and other conditions, when a rapid and strong diuretic effect on the patient's body is necessary.

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Furosemide for weight loss. Is it possible to lose weight with diuretic Furosemide tablets. How to take Furosemide for weight loss: recommended doses, prescriptions, contraindications.

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Buying Furosemide for weight loss - reviews of those who lose weight

Furosemide is the strongest diuretic drug, which, in addition to its direct function, is actively used by many who lose weight in the struggle for an ideal figure. Diuretic is available in the form of injections, capsules, as well as granulated powder.

Usually, Furosemide is used for emergency weight loss, when it is necessary to lose excess weight here and now. The drug starts active processes to remove excess fluid from the body, so only one day of reception can get rid of 3-4 extra pounds. Regular use of it as a means for long-term weight loss is absolutely unacceptable, because side effects are possible.

Furosemide Reviews

Furosemide Fit at the start of a diet

Review #1:

I drink Furosemide on the first day of my diet. I only need two pills. In a few minutes I feel the first urge to go to the toilet. From the toilet I do not get up for 2 hours, the diuretic effect is enormous.

Approximately in 8 hours there comes a strong dehydration, the sensation of dryness in a mouth does not pass or take place long time. A day later, the body completely restores the necessary water reserves and everything comes back to normal.

I think you ask, why do I need Furosemide on the first day of the diet? It's simple! Thanks to the great weight loss on the first day, I have the incentive to continue the diet and easily transfer the most difficult starting day. If to speak in general, then the actual benefit is not enough (the water will return), but it's somehow morally easier for me.

Of the side effects of taking Furosemide, my already low blood pressure is lowering, while the weakness of the whole body is felt, sometimes my head hurts. Tablets are cruel, but they help me during a diet. While I drank them 5 times for 2 tablets (breaks between doses in 3 months). For a week, the diet took off about 5 kg in total (water + fat). I think this is a good result. I'm sure, if it were not for a quick start with tablets, I would hardly have achieved such an effect.

I am buying furosemide from swelling against a background of high blood pressure

Review #2:

Furosemide is a real strong diuretic. So, he throws out only water! Fatty deposits will not dissolve. And the most interesting, the effect of water smuggling lasts only during the reception of tablets. And they can not be taken for long. Water replenished by the body for a day or two.

The person takes Furosemide and supposedly grows thin before the eyes, the scales show a minus 3-5 kg per week! About a miracle! But this is so deceptive. So with any weight loss, in the first place. We must look at our volumes, take measurements of OB, OT and OG. Only they will really show whether you are slimmer or not.

I take furosemide for puffiness against a background of high blood pressure. It helps quickly, after a day the skin ceases to be swollen. In addition, to the body does not lose potassium, sodium and magnesium (Furosemide does not allow them to be absorbed), it is necessary to take additional multivitamins.

On my experience I will say, trying to lose weight on Furosemide is very inefficient and harmful to health. For preventive purposes, drink it very carefully, but it is best to consult with doctors. It is often prescribed for hypertension, or for purifying excretory pathways (eg, before surgery). The drug is quite serious, so I do not advise you to use it without the doctor's instructions. Especially when losing weight. But in general, your health - you and decide!

I think you need to buy Furosemide - it is great for weight loss

Review #3:

Often I try to support the figure by taking diuretic tablets. In general, this method can not be called the most successful. All the same, the purpose of these drugs, including furosemide, is simply to remove excess fluid. But, if you do not abuse tablets, and take them also not too often, the result will be excellent.

I usually drink furosemide for a maximum of two to three days to prepare for some important event. During this time, tablets quickly reduce body volume, reduce weight. Nausea may appear at first, but it is not so difficult to endure this period if desired.

Furosemide tablets help to quickly lose weight

Review #4:

Obesity I never suffered, but still a few extra pounds I was constantly present. Before one of the corporate parties at work, I decided that I should get rid of them. But there was no time left. I began to search faster, which means could save me from unnecessary fat within a few days. As a result, I found many reviews on furosemide. True, it was said that it is dangerous with prolonged use and exceeding the dosage.

But it did not stop me. I took pills for almost a week. Because of their diuretic effect, of course, there is no comfort to talk about. But the result appeared quickly. Has lost in the sum somewhere 5 kg for this term. And looked, really, great. Then, just in case, I did not drink furosemide any more. But, if you again need to quickly get in shape, be sure to turn to them.

You can buy furosemide a couple times a year

Review #5:

Losing weight is directly related to cleaning the body of various harmful substances. And for this reason I specifically buy and drink diuretics several times a year to get rid of various slags and other components that interfere with the activity of the digestive tract.

Recently, I buy and take furosemide, because he does not have many side effects, like many other drugs. I drink most often 5 days, since it is better not to use tablets of this kind for longer. After that, I must go on a diet to lose weight as much as possible. The diet for me lasts a couple of weeks, in the end I lose 5-7 kg. I know that in the reviews of tablets furosemide is sometimes called dangerous.

She herself did not notice that there was some kind of pity from them. The main thing is to buy and take it right and not abuse it. Lose weight will certainly come if you add to the intake of furosemide and compliance with the diet.

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