Furosemide during Pregnancy

Indications, contraindications, side effects of taking "Furosemide" during pregnancy

Women who do not suffer from swelling during pregnancy - lucky. Most were lucky not, so puffiness under the eyes, swollen feet and hands, a feeling of heaviness that accompanies this process - for them the phenomenon of frequent and very unpleasant.

No wonder that the woman "in the position of" looking for ways to get rid of this problem.

She is often said that "Furosemide" during pregnancy - the best option to deal with the swelling. This drug is one of the most famous of all diuretics. That is the choice falls on him losing weight, wanting to rid the body of excess fluid, and expectant mothers.

Should I use the medication during gestation?

Causes swelling in pregnancy

This is the first thing you need to know choosing the way of dealing with the problem, and to find out whether you can apply for this "Furosemide". In the body of a woman expecting a baby, the placenta by increasing the flow of circulating blood. In this connection, it is experiencing a serious load and especially her experiences leading out, as well as the cardiovascular system. Condition is aggravated if the expectant mother has a chronic disease, giving itself felt in full, just in the process of carrying a child.

You can periodically get rid of in a number of cases of this unpleasant phenomenon, if a woman is fully at rest, do not overwork mentally and physically. But it also happens that the swelling does not itself recedes, it does not give the expectant mother to lead a normal life, accompanied by pathologies, deterioration of general condition.

Then there is a question that should be taken to facilitate it. Sometimes the swelling can be pathological. In this case, you need to consult a doctor who will prescribe appropriate treatment. Some women, knowing "Furosemide" preparation prefer to use it, regardless of whether the pathology is, wanting to alleviate their condition, but is it safe as we would like?

Indications, contraindications to receiving "Furosemide"

This drug is one of diuretics with quick and efficient action. In addition, the medication helps to reduce the pressure due to expansion of veins. This reduces the load on all organs, including the heart.

The main indicator for the use of drugs - the presence of excess fluid in the body that you want to display.

Contra is a medicament much more:

- Renal, hepatic failure;

- The stones in the ureter;

- Inflammatory processes in the kidney, including glomerulonephritis;

- Heart disease; Dehydration.

Reception "Furosemide" requires constant monitoring of their condition. Care should be taken, as is done excretory function of the body, he does not lose if sodium and calcium, both works the cardiovascular system. If there is even a minimum disruption, you must consult your doctor immediately

Side effects of the drug

Despite all of its properties, the effect of the drug can not be considered very positive. However, excess liquid he "washes out" of sodium and calcium from the body, which affects not only the woman but also the fetus. If uncontrolled drinking the medication, it can turn into a very negative impact on the fetus.

Under its influence disturbed electrolyte balance, sodium, and potassium deficiency can lead to the fact that the fetus will receive less oxygen, and faults may occur in the future mother's heart. This is not a complete list of side effects.

It can also make these states:

- Dizziness;

- Convulsions;

- Dyspnea;

- Pressure drops;

- Fainting;

Failures in the process of excretion of urine.

Can I take Furosemide medication while waiting for the baby?

According to the instructions for use "Furosemide" women suffering from swelling in pregnancy drug can be administered only in special cases. This means that the drug can be used only when it exceeds the benefits of the potential harm to the fetus and the expectant mother.

As can be seen from the list of contraindications and possible side effects, pregnant women such medicine can bring a lot of harm. One of the possible consequences - "wash-out" from the body of useful trace elements.

This can result in improper development of the fetus in both the early and the later stages of fetal development baby. Lack elements can cause abnormal development of the heart, the brain.

The sharp decrease in the amount of potassium in the body of the mother in some cases leading to arrhythmias in the fetus, which sometimes ends tragically.

Due to the impact of the drug a child may receive less oxygen and that can also cause serious pathology. Physicians have noted that the dosage should not be exceeded. If it increased several times, there is great risk that the pregnancy will end in miscarriage. This can happen on any terms toddler development, and any other side effects do not always occur.

Swelling annoying woman awaiting baby, but if it is not accompanied by a pathology, it is not recommended to get rid of it with medication. In this case and should not be used on plant-based drugs. Medicines can be administered only in cases when swelling with pathologies. It is highly desirable that the treatment was carried out under the supervision of a physician, but rather - in the hospital.

As for "Furosemide," he sometimes displayed if in the urine of a pregnant woman found a protein diagnosed "preeclampsia." Medicament for the treatment administered intravenously. Its action will be fast and efficient, but modern doctors try as little as possible to resort to its destination. Use "Furosemide" during pregnancy, especially in the later stages, even as an "emergency" is often impossible. "Prescribe" yourself this drug alone is also impossible, as absolutely contraindicated independently denote its dosage.

If you are still prescribed this particular medication, drink plenty of fluids, eat food containing protein. In some cases, patients prescribed acid promoting the stabilization of cell membranes, as well as drugs that normalize the blood circulation. All these recommendations will reduce the negative impact of the drug on the body and the risk of side effects, which provides instructions for the use of drugs.


You can reduce the risk of edema, if you follow simple guidelines: Eat less salty foods, spicy, spicy, smoked dishes; Try to limit yourself to fluid intake (preferably drink no more than 1.5 liters / day); Take vitamins that strengthen blood vessels walls. Also, eat well - mostly salted insufficiently food, steamed. The answer to the question of whether it is possible to drink "Furosemide" from swelling during pregnancy, is obvious - the drug is dangerous during gestation and for mom and baby.

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