Can I drink "Furosemide" for weight loss?

Drinking "Furosemide" for weight loss and slimming

Receiving diuretics for drastic weight loss - quite a popular method, which allows for a very short time (one to two days) to get rid of several kilograms. The number of drugs that are used to accomplish this is huge, but one of the most famous and accessible of these is the "Furosemide". It is used in medicine for a long time, and all of its positive and negative sides are well understood.

"Furosemide" slimming often taken in cases where excess weight is a result of fluid retention.

How effective method of "Furosemide" for weight loss?

The main advantage of this product is considered to be his property to run the liquid output process is almost instantaneous. After two hours after administration of the tablet begins enhanced release of water accumulated in the body. This allows for only a day to get rid of two or three kilos. In this regard, "Furosemide" refers to the category of rapid weight loss methods that are used in emergency cases.

How does "Furosemide" acts?

After taking the drug in the body fluids begins the process of withdrawal of tissues. But contrary to popular belief that you broke up with only excess water, research suggests that "Furosemide" washes away from the body any liquid. Along with it goes out and a number of useful minerals: potassium, magnesium, iron and calcium. In addition to water and fade vitamins are involved in most chemical reactions occurring in organs and tissues.

The result of receiving "Furosemide" for getting rid of the extra kilos is not only weight loss, but also a sharp deterioration in health status. Most suffer from heart muscle, as its normal functioning without potassium and magnesium is difficult. Also loses the necessary substances and muscles lose their tone, and skin that is deprived of vitamins, making it supple. To restore the lost of mineral elements required quite a long time, sometimes up to several weeks, so to receive "Furosemide" should be treated with great caution.

How to take "Furosemide" to fight obesity?

The exact dosage required in each case can properly install only a specialist. But if you still want to start using this drug on their own, do not just take an overdose. Drink during the day for two or three tablets (taking a break in the three hours between them).

The next day, take "Furosemide" not worth it, it is necessary to pause and listen to their own well-being. If you want, you can in one day or two day course to repeat again, but then you must go to other weight loss methods.

How dangerous method of "Furosemide" during weight loss?

In addition to the above-described characteristics of the drug, which is able to excrete virtually all vital trace elements and vitamins, doctors warn about another danger of receiving "Furosemide". In that case, if you take it to lose weight often enough, can trigger a malfunction of the kidneys and urinary system. It will be expressed in the appearance of pronounced edema after the abolition of the drug. The reason for this lies in the fact that over time the body as though "forgets" the liquid removal mechanism, and to restore the normal operation of more than one month may be required of the lymphatic system and the kidneys.

It should also be borne in mind that in the process of burning fat intake "Furosemide" may not have any effect, so expect a significant reduction in weight in the case of its application is not necessary. Doctors recommend that if you want to withdraw from the body fluid, not to resort to serious medical drugs, which refers to the category and "Furosemide" and a milder diuretic.

For help in getting rid of the swelling will help green tea with milk, watermelons or water Sassi. But before you apply, and so harmless methods of removing excess fluid, should consult a doctor and find out the cause of the swelling. Sometimes fluid retention in the body can be a symptom of a dangerous disease, and self-treatment in this case is able to cause serious harm to health.

Thus, we can conclude that the method of "Furosemide" to control overweight - it is very doubtful weight loss method. To resort to it without a doctor's advice is dangerous for the body, so by the independent use of this drug should be abandoned by opting for a low-salt diet or the use of natural diuretics.


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